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Fiji GuideFiji may not be the largest country, however with so much to offer, it is difficult to know where to start when planning your Fijian holiday. Below are some of the things that Fiji is best known for, which might help you get started on your way when mapping out your journey. This guide includes adventure activities, sporting activities, particularly diving and surfing, all the way to weddings and honeymoons.

Honeymooners & Couples 

HoneymoonersThere are so many reasons to choose Fiji if you are a newly-wed or about-to-be-weds, as location to flock to and celebrate your love. With glistening white beaches, lush rain forests and countless hidden locations; Fiji is definitely one of the most romantic places on earth. Many resorts offer honeymoon packages to take the pressure off when planning your trip to Fiji. Whether you’re looking for a honeymoon or a romantic getaway, Fiji is your one stop love shop.

Groups of Friends

hotelWith so much to discover, Fiji is the perfect destination for a group of friends of all ages. Fiji is renowned as a paradise with friendly welcoming people. All this and much more makes Fiji the ultimate fantasy and challenge for friends travelling together.


FamiliesFor an unforgettable family holiday filled with sunshine, wonder and adventure, Fiji is the ultimate destination. No matter where you are in the country, there’s so much to see and do. With incredible wildlife, stunning beaches and a huge range of adventure activities, which cater for children of all ages.


Surfing in FijiFiji’s reputation as a top surfing destination is spreading worldwide. There are established surf resorts as well as many newer, developing areas. There are exciting reef breaks, in secluded locations and with traditional Fijian hospitality. Most reef breaks around the islands are accessible only by boat so this keeps the crowds down,

Diving & Snorkeling 

Diving in FijiFiji is known as the “Soft Coral Capital of the World” with around 1000 species of fish and is also home to the “Great Astrolabe Reef”. A network of brilliant coral reefs surrounds the 333 islands and atolls. Fiji offers a unique diving and snorkeling experience of unparalleled marine biodiversity.


Adventure in FijiFiji is packed with adventure activities to thrill and inspire you. Whether you want a dose of adrenalin or something more relaxing, you’ll find plenty of options. You could join a white water rafting trip through lush rain forests or even on a boat and experience the ancient limestone caves.

Cruising & Sailing 

Crusing in FijiEnjoying Fiji from aboard a cruise or sailing ship is a popular way to experience the country’s beauty.  Travel through the sparkling crystal waters of the islands, which will allow you to soak up the natural environment with plenty of time to relax in the sun, swim or snorkel, and even visit some of the more notable attractions including caves, lagoons and ancient extinct volcanoes.


Fishing in FijiWith all the beautiful waters in Fiji, an abundance of sea life offers a great fishing experience for everyone. From simple lagoon line fishing, to salt water fly-fishing or out beyond the reefs to the challenge of big game fishing, Fiji has it all.

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