Taveuni is Fiji’s third largest island with 42km long and 10km wide situated 9km from southeast of Vanua Levu. It is known as the “Garden Island of Fiji” for its dense and verdant rainforest and exotic flora and fauna. The island’s main source of income is agriculture, mostly dalo (taro) and to a lesser extent copra and kava crops, but it is increasingly relying on tourism.

Ecotourism and diving are the main attractions of tourists to Taveuni. The island’s natural beauty both under and above water, is popular with divers, bushwalkers and nature lovers. Its rugged geography has hindered farming, leaving forests and wildlife relatively intact. The people of Taveuni are committed in conserving the natural and cultural heritage of the island.

The unique natural and cultural heritage is a major draw card for tourism in Taveuni. Taveuni is a destination for tourists looking for nature-based experiences beyond sun, sand and sea of the other islands.

Bouma Forest Park is community managed that is aiming to be on the World Heritage List. It offers Waitabu Marine Area for snorkellers, mountain and coastal walking treks, waterfalls and so on. Additionally, Taveuni has magnificent diving spots, beautiful white sandy beaches and panoramic views around the island.

Waters off Qamea and adjacent islands feature world famous dive spots such as the White Wall, the Purple Wall and the Yellow Wall. There are several villages on Qamea and the abundance of tropical marine life makes the waters around Taveuni a fisherman’s heaven.

There are a few sites of archeological interest on Taveuni, including the remains of the old Vuna village hill fortification in the south near Vuna Point. According to local folklore, the Paramount Chief,  Tui Vuna, who was originally from Moturiki near Ovalau, presided there.

Matei airport services flights from Nadi, Suva and Savusavu. The main road on the island runs through Matei airport and is approximately 65km long. An existing air strip on Laucala Island is used to service its resort guests. Domestic ferries from Suva, Koro, Buca and Savusavu operate to Taveuni.

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