Suva - the Capital of Fiji, was developed in the late 1800's and retains much of the character of the colonial period. Its many attractions include shopping, restaurants, nightclubs, markets, a museum and sightseeing tours. You can enjoy a walk around the central city area, which will uncover numerous surprises. The Roman Catholic Cathedral is a Suva landmark and a leisurely stroll down Victoria Parade (the main avenue) will take you past an array of restaurants, clothing and book stores as well as banks and airline offices. 

Here you'll see the blending of traditional, early 20th century South Pacific buildings juxtaposed with modern high-rise structures. Towards the end of the Parade are the Government Buildings, which open on to Albert Park and Thurston Gardens. A short bus or cab ride south toward Suva Point will take you to the architecturally striking Parliament Buildings. Suva has accommodation to suit business traveller's families and backpackers.

Highlights of the region
Fiji Museum. City sights include fine colonial buildings, sea wall walks, Government Buildings, bustling city markets, the Suva yacht Club, the Fiji Golf course, National sports stadium and gymnasium hosted events, hiking trip with the Rucksack Club. Nightlife includes cinemas, nightclubs, restaurants and bars.

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